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With roots in the Adelaide Hills, Gabi and Kyle were determined to move back to the tranquillity of the area when building their first home (and building a family). Last year, they discovered their own little pocket of Hills serenity in a beautiful block at Newenham. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome them back to the Hills and into our growing community.

While Kyle is originally from Glenelg, Gabi grew up in Mount Barker, with fond memories of the region. When searching for their own home, the couple looked everywhere in the suburbs between their two hometowns. Initially hoping to purchase an established home, they eventually began toying with the idea of building. It wasn’t until they were pointed in Newenham’s direction in the Adelaide Hills and shown the option for larger block sizes that they committed to the idea.

“Kyle didn’t want to move to Mount Barker until we had a bit more size, and the block sizes are bigger at Newenham,” Gabi says. “My parents also built in an estate in Mount Barker, and when we heard it was the same people, it piqued our interest.”

They were not disappointed. “We liked all the trees, and it doesn’t seem as crammed in as some of the other estates around here,” she says. “We like the outlook and everything here really.”

The pair kept looking to keep their options open, but remained settled on Newenham. Nothing compared to the outlook and set up they’d seen. “Kyle said to me one day ‘If we’re going to build a house, I only want it to be at Newenham!’…He liked it that much!”

Needless to say, the rest is history, with the couple purchasing their block in April last year.

Gabi says it didn’t take long to convince Kyle to make the tree-change from the sea in Glenelg.

“I think the size of the block was one big thing for Kyle, but he likes the Linear trail, too [Newenham will have a creekside path directly connecting to the Mount Barker Linear trail]. We’ve got a dog – a Rhodesian Ridgeback – so we can walk him all the way to the wetlands and back now on the trail.”

The pair say it’s this idyllic combination of countryside and close-by amenities that make Mount Barker such an appealing hometown in the Adelaide Hills. “My family and friends are all here,” Gabi says. “and I like the country feel but you still have everything close by. It’s so easy to get around or duck to the shops.”

Gabi is a nurse at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, while Kyle is an electrician. “The city isn’t far away at all,” Gabi says. “Plus there are wineries around, and a lot of unique businesses and cafes.”

When it came to the house design, Gabi and Kyle had a particular layout in mind, which they say Newenham have accommodated exceptionally.

At Newenham, we pride ourselves in taking you through every step of the build to make sure your dreams become a reality (no matter how hard it is to imagine at the beginning). “We got to visit at almost every stage of the process,” Gabi says. “We walked on the block last year before it had roads or anything. It was hard to gauge back then but Ben [Newenham’s Sales Consultant] was really good at walking it out with us.”

Their final design incorporates a big back window for plenty of natural light, a retreat area surrounded by bedrooms (perfect for a kids play area), and a large backyard suitable to start a family – as well as another dog.

“It’s all been pretty easy really. We’re adding in some feature tiles to the front to fit with the village, and we’re trying to put a couple of water tanks in too – we have the space and we like the water conservation they’ve got going on at Newenham.”

Aside from the eco-conscious philosophies and conservation initiatives here at Newenham, the couple also love the community element, including the farmer’s markets and proposed school for the future.

“We went to the last neighbour get-together which was really nice…we got to meet our neighbours. It was a really nice touch to be able to get to know everyone and just mingle. Nowhere else really does that sort of thing. I think it’s really unique and a great idea.”

They’re looking forward to settling into their home later this year (hopefully) and enjoying the surrounds.

“It seems more like a little suburb they’ve got going on – it’s got that nice sort of feel. You look out and you’ve got all the trees – a lot of estates don’t have that.”

Like many of our new homeowners, it’s not just about aesthetics, it’s about building a lifestyle; a life they love. “We’re excited to be out a lot more, and for the community atmosphere. It’s a nice place to raise a family. We’re looking forward to everything, really.”


If you’d like to know more about joining our community or securing your future at Newenham, simply call our Sales Team on 0429 107 497 or visit the Sales & Information Centre, open 7 days from 12 – 5pm at 164 Flaxley Road, Mount Barker.

We look forward to welcoming you to Newenham soon.

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