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If you call the Adelaide Hills home, it makes sense that you’d want the opportunity to eat food that’s as local as you are. Organics to You is the affordable, easy alternative to food shopping, that echoes Newenham’s dedication to health and wellbeing, sustainability and community.


Planting the seed

Jasmine is a chef and Daniel an avid gardener and together they truly understand the benefits of organic seasonal produce. There’s a reason why all the best winter menus boast swedes and fennel, while peaches and avocados adorn summer’s specials boards––food tastes best when it’s grown true to season. It doesn’t stop there, the leafy greens, root veggies and citrus fruits that thrive in winter, are loaded with the very vitamins and nutrients that protect our bodies from the colds and infections that go hand-in-hand with chilly weather. While you can pick up most things at a supermarket all year round, food that isn’t in season has often been harvested far too early, left to ripen unnaturally in dark rooms or during long transits. Still, the sheer convenience of it all is often undeniably tempting––a concept which planted a seed, fuelling the inception of Jasmine and Daniel’s Organics to You venture.

Organics to You is, quite simply, the ultimate quality alternative. Designed for the utmost convenience, it’s just as easy as a trip to the shops. Jasmine and Daniel purchased the bones of this business in their endeavour to create an affordable option for people looking to source fresh organic food which isn’t sprayed with chemicals or covered in plastic packaging. From there, the team decided to focus on produce more true to season and more locally sourced, adding other essentials of the highest quality.

The Fresh Organic Produce boxes are now brimming with options and come conveniently customisable… so simple, they’re genius.

You can order a produce box online by 12noon Thursday, and pick it up just 2 days later on Saturday from 9am to 11am from the Newenham Garage, 164 Flaxley Rd, Mount Barker.


What’s in the Box?

If you don’t have time to run from the local fruit and veg market, down to the bakery, or over to the egg aisle, only to question varying definitions of ‘free range’, you can still indulge in the region’s finest essentials. Organics to You is the quick and affordable Adelaide Hills alternative to shopping around for quality produce.

Add a loaf of organic wholemeal or rye sourdough from local bakers to your cart, a bunch of fresh locally cut flowers, or a dozen eggs from Adelaide Hills Pastured Eggs, all with the click of a button.

The seasonal produce suppliers will often include small businesses from Mount Barker and the Adelaide Hills, giving you an idea of just how close they mean when they say local. Whenever these farms yield enough seasonal produce to spare, you can bet that Organics for You will include it in their produce boxes.

Some of the smaller suppliers, including one from Basket Range, are not even businesses, but local growers that simply offer up a surplus of their delicious organic fruit and vegetables.

Week-to-week, Organics to You use a larger South Australian supplier to ensure there are never any gaps or shortages, with seasonal produce always taken from the smaller growers where possible.

These collaborations with small Adelaide Hills businesses create a local network of people that encourage wellbeing and and healthy lifestyles within their community. At Newenham we love to support this understanding, fostering these connections where we can to ensure an ideal standard of living.

At home, Jasmine and Daniel raise four gorgeous kids slowly and thoughtfully, building Organics to You in a similar fashion. They hope to continue forging strong relationships with local producers to gradually expand their range, eventually aiming to include specialty products like dairy, homemade kimchi, honey and olive oil.


Stirring things up in the kitchen…

Thanks to her background as a chef, Jasmine says she’s accustomed to working with fruits and vegetables in their respective season, which adds an element of creativity to her cooking. Getting imaginative in the kitchen is half the fun; experimenting with new flavours and expressing yourself can turn daily dinners into seriously mouth-watering events. Jasmine hopes the ever-changing seasonal nature of her produce boxes will allow people to take new approaches in cooking. Starting with the produce, rather than the recipe, is a perfect way for budding cooks to become familiar with new ingredients while they’re at their yummiest.

While their website gives you an idea of what the produce boxes will deliver, their contents are always changing. Such is the nature of local, seasonal produce fresh from the farm; however, should some ingredients not be obtainable, they are always substituted to the right value.

If you get stuck for ideas or simply need some inspiration in the kitchen, you can peruse the Organics to You Facebook and Instagram where Jasmine will regularly upload seasonal recipes and tips to help you make the most out of your produce boxes.


Calling Newenham Home

A community of people who live to get the most out of life, seems like a natural place to base a business like Organics to You. We think it’s the perfect fit too.

We’re thrilled to support Organics to You with a new collection point for their seasonal produce boxes. As with our sponsorship of the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market, we’re dedicated to promoting local produce and local businesses that strive to enrich the health and wellbeing of the community.

With fruit and veggies grown from premium Adelaide Hills soil, and flavours unhindered by herbicides, it’s a homage to the Hills with every bite.

We’ve happily welcomed Organics to You into our community to help enhance the standard of living we all deserve … and just like that, our Adelaide Hills got a little bit better.


The Organics to You collection point at Newenham Garage is right next door to our Sales and Information Centre. Make sure that the next time you’re picking up a box of the region’s finest, you pop in and say hello to our friendly staff, and maybe even consider calling Newenham home, too.


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