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We’re excited to announce that Newenham has engaged a new in-house Design Manager who will commence working alongside the Newenham Project Team in July. Due to Newenham’s growth and an increase in demand for this beautiful land equating to more design applications and builds in-progress, we have made the exciting transition to move from an externally contracted design service, to an in-house offering.

At Newenham, we’re proud to offer an idyllic Hills lifestyle with beautifully designed homes and natural surroundings in a stunning pocket of the Adelaide Hills. Our passion is making our place, your home. With our philosophy focused on wellbeing and community, it’s important for us to ensure that each and every home at Newenham is carefully curated, and each resident feels guided and supported through their design and build process.

“Since we started, the requirements of our design support have grown quickly, with more and more residents submitting design applications, purchasing land and moving into development phases,” Sales and Marketing Director, Olivia Burke says.

“With this growth, it’s even more important for us to ensure our Newenham residents are receiving the support, guidance and tools they require to create their dream homes, whilst also ensuring that the design vision and growth potential for Newenham residents is upheld. In bringing our design services in-house, we feel we can better manage the ever-growing requirements of our community.”

Since opening, we’ve had the pleasure of working with renowned South Australian architectural firm Alexander Brown Architects, who have seamlessly guided us through our initial phases of development. Over three years, the team have worked alongside us with precision, care and consideration including the development and execution of our design guidelines.

“Brianne Mills our contract Design Manager from Alexander Brown Architects has been a pleasure to work alongside and will remain a go-to for us over the coming years when we need architectural design input,” Olivia says. “The professionalism, architectural excellence and undeniable experience Alexander Brown and his team have in the concepts of sustainability, wellbeing and timeless design have been invaluable in setting up the bones of our project”.

To initiate the change, we have brought on our very own Design Manager Margaret Gutschi. Having commenced her role at the start of July, Margaret has been working closely with Burke Urban (the developer behind Newenham) and the Alexander Brown team, in particular the talented Brianne Mills, to ensure a smooth transition.

This transition involves training on the Burke Urban culture, value system and service standards as well as Newenham’s ethos of timeless and simple design which is sympathetic to the Adelaide Hills environment. There is also a complete handover being undertaken of every client file so that resident’s applications and approvals are professionally managed.

“Margaret comes to us with exceptional industry experience, a keen eye for detail and a passion for unique, sustainable design and stretching the boundaries of community living,” Olivia says.

“She’s well known in the building community for her gumption and excitement for each and every project she works on, and we’re thrilled to welcome her to our passionate team.”


For current residents, what does this mean for you?

Whether you’re at the beginning of your design process, or you’re halfway through, Margaret is available to help and guide you through your design journey.

To ensure a seamless transition, Brianne will continue to work with Margaret throughout July so each and every resident can rest easy in the knowledge that their plans will be handed over and their build will continue as-planned.

Margaret will also attend the Newenham Residents Meet and Greet event on July 22nd to ensure that she can personally meet as many community members as possible and will endeavour to have one-on-one meetings residents over the forthcoming months to discuss each and every application and approval.


For new residents wanting to enlist the help of our design services:

 Design support is offered free of charge as part our services here at Newenham. Designing a home can be tricky enough on your own, and here at Newenham, we’re all about fostering and supporting our community. “We really encourage people to take up our complimentary design service,” Olivia says.

“We want to help people navigate the process of designing and building a home, whether it’s a custom design or working with a builder on a pre-existing design. We invite you to come and meet with our Design Manager to talk through how we can help make your dreams a reality … no matter what point you’re at, we’d love to help you.”


 To get in contact with the Newenham Design Manager:

As with Brianne, Margaret will be available for drop-ins and appointments at Newenham, on-site every Wednesday afternoon from 1pm to 5pm.

Margaret can be contacted on or by phone on 0408 050 339.

If you’d like to join our growing community, please see our land for sale or book a site tour and come and see Newenham for yourself – living here will be something truly special.

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