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Making the tree-change to the leafy Adelaide Hills is a dream for lots of Adelaideans, with many simply unsure of how to make the big move. With a range of affordable living options on spacious blocks, Newenham is making a move to the hills more accessible– good news for all you Hills-loving folk out there.


Even our very own marketing, community and sales director Olivia Burke has recently made the tree-change herself to see what it’s really like to live in this unique community.


“We have only been up here for a week but what we’ve loved straight away is the beautiful wide open space and country air,” she says. Her family recently moved into a Mount Barker property to experience Hills living and to further appreciate the Newenham land which Olivia is so passionate about.


“The kids have lapped it up so far. They jumped straight on their bikes to ride down bumpy dirt tracks. They’ve been exploring, building forts, climbing trees and patting cows – it’s all the little things they haven’t had the opportunity or the space to do while we were living in the city.”


Living on a larger allotment, as is the vision for Newenham, Olivia says the family are more inclined to make the most of the great outdoors in the beautiful Hills. With parks and open farmland within walking distance everywhere, there’s no reason not to make the most of life in your very own backyard up here.


“We’re whacking on the gumboots every day and walking through the mud and puddles on Newenham Road. The kids are getting dirty. It’s great!”


Accustomed to the city lifestyle, Olivia thought a move to the Hills would stretch her out of her comfort zone. While life in the Hills has always been a dream, it was all those ‘ifs, buts and maybe’s’ that were keeping her at bay. “We were worried about the drive to school, family and commitments in the city, as well as the cold winters and isolation,” she says.


In just a week, many of those concerns have turned for Olivia. “We’ve found the 25-minute drive has really given us some time to unwind and think and just chat to each other. You get on an open freeway and there’s rolling green hills as far as they eye can see and no traffic lights – it’s a really easy drive.”


The family are also making the most of the holistic lifestyle approach which the Hills, and Newenham, exemplify. While the properties at Newenham are yet to be completed, there are plans for large open spaces with room for fruit and vegetables to be grown, rain-water facilities and traditional wood fires. Olivia’s new home follows a similar self-sustainable ethos. “It’s prompting me to realise how the sustainable living model makes you feel so good,” she says.


And it’s not just the Hills home itself Olivia has fallen for, it’s the surrounding lifestyle. “I know one of the draw-cards I’ve always seen with people living in the Hills is the proximity to so many amenities and the beautiful food culture like the markets, wineries and restaurants. We just can’t wait to explore it all. The community is amazing too, which is what we’re prioritising at Newenham. We’ve only been here for a week and we’ve already had a drinks with our neighbours and been invited to use the pool all summer!”


Is is time you made a tree-change? To find out how you can secure your future in Newenham, please call our friendly sales team on 8210 7660 or email us at [email protected]

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