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With a family of three young children and another on the way, Ben and Robyn had long been searching for that perfect family home to fit their growing tribe before discovering Newenham. What they didn’t realise was that Newenham was not only the ideal spot for their own family to settle, but also for Ben’s parents Paul and Betty who are now building just down the road.

We couldn’t be more proud here at Newenham to be welcoming growing and extended families into our community.

After looking at established homes around Aberfoyle Park and Flagstaff Hill, Ben and Robyn found there was not enough space for their growing family. In a change of direction, they set their sights on Mount Barker, where Ben grew up and discovered Newenham. Three weeks after meeting with our Sales Consultant, they purchased their block.

“Even after we bought the block, we went up for a visit and didn’t want to go home!” Ben says, grinning. “We’re so excited to be moving into something like Newenham where there are parks and paths safe for the kids to walk and play around.”

The couple has purchased a 900 square metre block, but are building a two-story home to maximise space. “We want to have less of a footprint and more land space.”

They say the benefits of the landscape of Newenham isn’t just about aesthetics and safety, but also general building practicality. “Some other estates, you’re building in mountain goat country,” he says. “These blocks are relatively flat for a Hills estate, and you’re not packed in like sardines either!” There are only 750 allotments planned for the 150 hectares of land that makes up Newenham.

At Newenham, we strive for a close community, another drawcard for this young family. “Our neighbours have children around our kids’ ages,” Ben says. “At the last Newenham event, our son made friends with a kid that will be living around the corner from us. That whole community environment is what led us to know we were doing the right thing. That’s what we want.”

And it’s not just Newenham – it’s Mount Barker as a town and the greater community which the family have fallen in love with. “The general lifestyle up here in Mount Barker is better, especially for the kids. It’s developed a lot over the last 10 years.”

When it comes to work and the all-important commute, the pair is excited to have Mount Barker as their home base. They run their own business in emergency response training with clients of the likes of Adelaide Airport, Zoos SA, the Festival Centre and a number of hospitals and nursing homes. With clients based all over the state (and interstate), travel isn’t so much an issue. “One of the put-offs [of living in the Hills] was the freeway, but living up here, I can go on back-roads and through country towns to get to work.”

In building their own customised home, the couple wanted more open-plan living space, something Newenham has been able to offer with their flexible designs. “Gemma [their eldest daughter] is eight and turning into a little lady who wants her own space and privacy, so we’re building a five-bedroom home,” Ben says.

“There are five bedrooms with an office, a lounge room, rumpus room and a family entertaining room with bi-fold doors that open out to the yard. We didn’t find a problem fitting anything on the block. The yard flows around the alfresco area, and we’ve got about seven metres from the back of the house to the fence.”

Robyn is especially excited for the space in their new home, particularly the kitchen. For Ben, it’s all about the backyard. “I’ve always wanted a decent-sized shed to tinker in, a yard to play with the kids, the community aspect of the estate with neighbouring people,” he says.

But it’s not just Robyn and Ben who are looking forward to beginning their family life in Newenham. Ben’s parents Paul and Betty can’t wait to move in down the road from Ben and Robyn and their grandchildren.

Searching for a home to downsize, Paul and Betty were intrigued by Newenham upon their son’s block purchase. After their first visit, they were hooked. “They copied us!” Ben says with a laugh. “They had been looking for the right thing for a few years, and thought ‘if you’re going to be that fussy, why don’t you just buy a block and build!’”

So they did, purchasing a block not far from Ben and Robyn’s home. “The kids were upset they didn’t buy next door,” Ben says laughing. “Now the kids are growing up, we can allow them to go for a walk down there. We can trust the kids to go to mum and dads or to another friends’ house down the road here,” Ben says.

Paul and Betty say the decision was simple – Newenham providing the ideal size, space and feel they were after. “We looked around at several different developments and nothing really appealed to us,” Paul, says. “We thought we’d drive around and have a look, and as soon as we drove in, we both felt very comfortable. The block we’ve picked will have a great view, and we’re not closed in.”

As a couple settling down in their later years, Paul and Betty see Newenham as the ultimate solution to a common struggle for many – the decision of whether to move into a retirement space or not. “We’re very happy with the plans for Newenham in the future, the space we have, the neighbour involvement…it’s nice to know other people. It’s a bit like being in a retirement village, without being in a retirement village.”

Aside from the village itself, Newenham allows them to be close to the facilities of the town too, which largely contributed to their decision. “We’ve got doctors, shops – everything we need is here, so what do I need to go to Adelaide for?”

With Paul growing up in the hills and Betty in Mount Barker, their attachment to both the hills and Mount Barker is stong.“I think living in the city would drive me bonkers,” he says. “We’ve got a lot of friends up here. Plus, we’re three or four minutes closer to the golf course now too,” he says laughing.

To accommodate similar move-in times, Newenham has arranged with the family to start the building process of both homes at the same time.

“We’re really looking forward to it,” Paul says.

Council approval for both couples has just been received, perfectly timed with the arrival of Ben and Robyn’s beautiful baby girl Calleigh. “She was born on April 17th,” Robyn says, “so April is going to be a busy month in our new house because we’ve got three birthdays in the same month.”

With their dream-build so close to commencement, and with new beginnings with baby Calleigh, Robyn and Ben couldn’t be more thrilled. “Now that there are officially four children, it’s important for the kids to have their own room. We’re really relieved to be finally building our home after some time,” Robyn says.

“We’d love to be in before Christmas but don’t see it happening with our big two-story build. Ben’s parents’ home is only one story and they’re building just down the road, so perhaps we’ll join them for our first Christmas at Newenham.”

If you’d like to know more about joining our community or securing your future at Newenham, simply call our Sales Team on 0429 107 497 or visit the Sales & Information Centre, open 7 days from 12 – 5pm at 164 Flaxley Road, Mount Barker.

We look forward to welcoming you to Newenham soon.

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