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After living in the hot environs of India, the Middle East and the tropical humidity of Asia, Aromel and Priya decided that a move to Newenham in Mount Barker was just the cool change their family needed.

With two children approaching adulthood, Aromel and Priya wanted to find a place they could settle for the long term. When they looked at Adelaide and Mount Barker, they knew they had found the place they wanted to call home.

“With the kids growing into young adults, we wanted to settle in a spacious house with a backyard big enough to enjoy outdoor experiences and activities including gardening, BBQ, play areas, etc. Somewhere that placed a priority on open space.” Aromel says.

Originally from India, the couple have worked across the globe before deciding to make a move.

“We are originally from Kerala, India. We got married in 2003 and were based in Doha, Qatar until 2008. I wanted to work in the global IT environment and fortunately found a job in Singapore in 2008 and relocated the family to Singapore from Qatar. We lived there from 2008 to 2017,” Aromel explains.

The couple began to look around for an alternative to the compact and hectic lifestyle of a large city, before discovering the beauty and lifestyle opportunities available in South Australia.

“We decided to migrate to Adelaide and landed here in Jan 2018. We quickly realised that Adelaide is the place we wanted to call home (the kids confirmed it too) and started researching areas to settle down.” Aromel says.

“The kids got into local schools and quickly and easily adapted to the South Australian lifestyle. I joined an IT service provider in Feb 2018, and Priya, having completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Education, joined a Montessori as an educator,” he added.

Apart from the cool climate of the Adelaide Hills, Aromel and Priya noted the many other positives of migrating to Adelaide and Mount Barker in particular.

“We did consider three of the other developments in Mount Barker. We also looked at St Clair, Greenacres and other locations in Adelaide’s north. We considered multiple options and shortlisted Mount Barker mainly due to the hills, the cooler temperature, greenery, affordability, and the convenience of commuting to the CBD,” Aromel says.

Once they delved a little further, Newenham ticked all the boxes.

“We carried out quite a bit of research online, and we started visiting estates in Mount Barker. We drove into Newenham, along Rainbird Drive, for the first time purely by chance, and we were immediately attracted to Newenham’s greenery, picturesque outlook, larger lots, and the space between houses.

For Aromel and Priya, this was the main attraction. What they disliked most in other estates, was the houses touching each other, leading to what appeared to be common front yards. Additionally, there were other attributes in Newenham that won them over, as Aromel explains.

“We loved the specific lots for trees within the estate, quick access from freeway, friendly neighbours, the upcoming school, the Newenham farm and produce store, the convenience of the future store, and the common areas (garage, barn and lawns) that can be used by the community for special occasions such as birthdays and events.”

The couple and their children were living ‘down on the flats’ in Heathpool while their dream home was built ready for them to move into the Newenham neighbourhood.

“This was our first home build. We built a 4-bedroom double story home with Simonds,” Aromel enthuses.

“There are four living areas, including a formal lounge, theatre, living, and rumpus room. There’s also a parent’s retreat off the master bedroom.”

“The design is focused around open living and includes a central kitchen with large walk-in pantry, dining, and alfresco off the main living area,” he added.

While the build was happening, the couple and their children took every opportunity to head to the hills check out their new community.

“We’re really looking forward to discovering more about Newenham especially its linear path, shops, school, friendly community, the natural environment, events, farm, connectivity to Mount Barker and, of course, making new friends,” says Aromel.

Further afield, the couple is enthusiastic about discovering the Adelaide Hills.

“We haven’t had the chance to visit any of the amazing restaurants, markets, wineries, or coffee shops yet, but soon will do,” says Aromel.

For Aromel, Priya, daughter Anwitha, and son Pranav, the journey from Doha via Singapore to Newenham in the Adelaide Hills will be nearly 20 years in the making. But with a new home on the horizon, new friends and neighbours, and all the features and benefits of a fantastic new Hills community, their move is proving to be a very cool decision…in more ways than one.


If you’d like to know more about joining our growing community or securing your future at Newenham, simply call our Sales Team on 0429 107 497 or visit the Sales & Information Centre, open 7 days from 12 – 5 pm at 164 Flaxley Road, Mount Barker.

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