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Aubry and his family decided to look around for a new place to live away from the relative uncertainty of South Africa. At more than 10,000 km away in South Australia, Newenham in Mount Barker stood out as the perfect place to build a new life.

Actually, build is perhaps not the right word. Aubry and wife Tania decided instead to opt for something a little different to working with a builder to create their dream home.

“We actually bought an old farmhouse that was on the Newenham land. It had such a ‘homey’ feel and a nice plot size. We’re currently renovating it and putting our own stamp on it,” Tania says.

Both originally from a town called Ellisras (north of Johannesburg on the Botswana border), the family pulled up stumps just over a year ago and headed for Oz.

“We moved to Australia because of the political turmoil and crime in South Africa. We want our children to live a life free of fear, and we feel Australia can offer them a future,” Aubry says.

“We arrived in Australia in December 2018 to start a new, safe life for our family. We absolutely love it and have not looked back on our decision for one moment. This is our home,” Tania added.

Before then, the South African couple looked extensively for a better place to raise their family of four. Australia won out and in particular, South Australia. And, even though they looked at other developments, Newenham Adelaide Hills caught their eye with its open spaces and natural beauty.

“While we were still in South Africa, we had a look online at areas we would like to live, and Newenham caught our attention…even on the other side of the world. We looked at a couple of others, however, Newenham’s rural feel was what really got us hooked. It was a quick and easy decision,” says Tania.

The couple has since moved into their farmhouse while they continue to renovate.

“We are replacing the old flat roof with a pitched roof, adding a shed, carport, getting the driveway done, and working hard to get the garden established. We’ve also had a new front door built-in, and added a few internal walls,” enthused Aubry.

Aubry has an ‘Instant Security Doors and Windows’ franchise, and as Tania explains, they’re already reaping the benefits of a tight-knit community.

“The look, feel, safety and location of Newenham is perfect for us as a family. We have amazing neighbours, and it feels like our own little community.”

The old farmhouse is perfect for their big family. Apart from inheriting an instant piece of classic Aussie architecture, it’s also big on features that the couple and their children are already enjoying.

“Being an old farmhouse, it’s a solid, double-brick house with lovely big windows, enough space for all of us and, of course, two lovely big fireplaces,” says Tania.

Even though they bought and are renovating, they believe they do have some sound advice for people building at Newenham.

“Whether you’re building or renovating, we’d say to stay true to your lifestyle and your own tastes. Don’t give in to the temptation to ‘look’ like everyone else. Follow your heart and create your own unique home,” Tania says.

That same sense of uniqueness is what Aubry and Tania love about Newenham. Not only for its features within the development itself but for the location, lifestyle and the community of amazing people.

“Newenham is in a lovely location, with the linear park all the way to Keith Stephenson Park. We’ve met a lot of the community, and everyone is just so nice and welcoming. We love to see our kids out on their bikes with all the neighbourhood kids, all the old trees, and new plantings.” Tania reflects.

And with so much going on in the Mount Barker area, including local and international events like the Ukaria Cultural Centre, a variety of Fringe events and Santos Tour Down Under, as well as those run by Newenham, it’s no wonder they believe they don’t have to go far for entertainment.

“The events, of course, mean we have entertainment on our doorstep without driving anywhere,” says Tania.

Now that they are firmly entrenched in the Newenham fold, the couple and their children are keen to get out and discover the beauty of the Adelaide Hills and all the fabulous places to eat, drink, experience and explore.

“We just love everything about the hills and Mt Barker. We have felt at home from the moment we arrived. There is always so much to do and enjoy as a community,” says Tania. “We love the family-friendly events, farmers markets, and fresh food at the local bakeries.

“Taking the kids to pick their own fruit is also great fun, and just the beautiful environment and being able to walk around and feel safe is a blessing,” she added.

A small town in an often turbulent South Africa, or a safe, friendly, and welcoming community in Newenham in the Adelaide Hills? For Aubry and Tania and their four children, the decision was the easiest they’ve ever made.


If you’d like to know more about joining our growing community or securing your future at Newenham, simply call our Sales Team on 0429 107 497 or visit the Sales & Information Centre, open 7 days from 12 – 5pm at 164 Flaxley Road, Mount Barker.

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