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In the midst of life’s daily hustle and bustle, finding downtime can seem near impossible. With a job, a home to look after, food to cook, things to clean, people to tend to and a million things running through your mind at any one time, nobody has time to stop, right?

Wrong. Sure, we all live busy lives, but that simply means taking the time to relax is all the more important.

With health benefits including better sleep, boosting memory and increasing immunity, taking five minutes out of a busy day to breathe, read or go for a walk is worthwhile. In fact, you don’t even need to leave the house to reap the rewards. From creating a tech-free zone or time, to having the right plants and scents around – small changes can instantly make a difference to your wellbeing.

Here’s our top tips on creating mindfulness in your home:

Find a space and make it yours

Whether it be your bedroom, a spare room, a cosy nook or a spot in the garden, finding the right space in your home (or out of it) will enable you to make any necessary changes or additions before you begin practicing mindfulness. Perhaps you need a room to practice yoga; maybe you need a quiet space to read or write; or maybe you’d like a few moments to simply relax and breathe in the crisp Adelaide Hills air – once you’ve considered what you’d like to do to de-stress, you can add or remove items accordingly. Do you need a yoga mat, a journal and pen, a new book, or a bench outdoors? Make a mental list and organise your space accordingly.

Consider personal items

Call them symbols or belongings: these can be anything of importance that helps you focus and find meaning in your day. Be it a meaningful quote in a frame or family photos, candles or flowers from your garden – these items can help you take a moment to reflect, to be grateful, or simply bring a smile to your day.

Bring the outdoors inside

Open the windows to let the breeze in, add some indoor plants to clear the air and you’ll notice the difference in your room. House plants such as succulents, a peace lily, bamboo palm or fiddle leaf figs can help purify the air, and in turn increase productivity and serenity.

Add a fragrance

Pull out those candles you’ve been saving or purchase a few essential oils and let the scents consume the room. Oils in particular help balance the energy in the air, while candles can improve the feeling you get when walking into a room; they can also make a space seem more inviting. Consider scents such as lavender, sage and sandalwood, all of which are known for their calming and healing effects.

Play that song

If you’re looking to find a meditative state, adding music as background noise can be incredibly beneficial. By blocking out surrounding sounds, you can focus on your task at hand. Studies have also shown music – classical, in particular – can help reduce anxiety, improve concentration and encourage positive changes in the brain that all help increase levels of relaxation. Having said that, sometimes you need to let the beat take you to another place: find the songs that make your soul happy and play them loudly as you dance around the house… it even counts as exercise!

Leave the technology behind

Separate the phone from your hand and take time away from the screen. It’s a good practice to set times of the day where technology – phones, computers, iPads, and even the TV – are left alone and you have time to disconnect; two hours before bed is recommended by most health professionals. But if you can’t commit to a certain time every day, create a room in the house (preferably your relaxation space) where technology is banned. Use this time to talk to your loved ones or do something you’ve been procrastinating about. You’ll thank yourself later!

Baking mindful muffins

Turns out muffin making as a meditative practice can be a reliable source of comfort and hope. If you are wondering if there is a recipe for mindful muffins, there isn’t. In fact, any recipe can deliver mindfulness benefits if you give it your full, undivided attention. Focus on the tactile side of baking and use repetitive motions with your hands. In addition, the texture, smell and taste of the ingredients stimulate the senses, tapping in the pleasure senses of the brain. We are sure your family will also find joy in the fruits – or, perhaps, muffins of your labour!

When small, simple steps such as those listed above can make such a difference to your state of mind, why not give them a try?


Newenham is dedicated to enhancing the health, happiness and wellbeing of those who choose to call it home through larger block sizes, beautifully landscaped verges, the picturesque natural environment on your doorstep, and by building a strong and engaged community.

If you’d like to see how easy it is to secure your future at Newenham, visit our Sales and Information Centre, open daily from 12 – 5 pm at 164 Flaxley Road, Mount Barker.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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