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Congratulations to our award-winning engineers bringing innovation to Newenham.


We have sensational news! Our engineers, Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec, have won the coveted Minister’s Award for Excellence in Sustainable Water Management at the Water Industry Alliance Smart Water Awards for their innovative work at Newenham.

Setting a benchmark for greenfield development (a project constructed on unused land, without the restraints of prior work) Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec worked collaboratively with the team at Burke Urban to integrate water sensitive design techniques throughout Newenham for the benefit of the environment and the future community. The approach aims to protect the environmental integrity of the Western Flat creek through the use of ecological sponges, wetlands, biofiltration basins, vegetated swales, leaky tree wells and the restoration of flow paths and creek systems, while protecting the natural assets.

These systems are positioned at various locations around Newenham to manage water catchment and allowing smaller, more frequent flows, which will assist in protecting downstream properties from flooding during major weather events.

With growth areas in the region predicted to generate an additional 4GL of stormwater by 2040, the excess could destroy urban streams that form part of the township, making these systems all the more valuable.

On top of this, the design will contribute to the habitat, biodiversity and environmental values of Newenham, another element of which is the installation of TreeNet’s Leaky Tree Wells – click here to read more about these innovative leaky tree wells.

The award-winning initiative to develop an environmentally responsible stormwater management strategy is considered to be a first in South Australia using this approach. It provides a focus on environmental protection, enhancement, ecosystem services and addresses the key impacts of urban development on our natural waterway – all of which are fundamental to Newenham’s philosophy of Designed for Wellbeing.

The teams at Burke Urban and Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec are incredibly proud to be delivering this level of excellence and innovation at Newenham.

For more information, please  click here  to read an article from Water Sensitive SA on this award win.


If you’d like to find out more about how you can secure your future in this engaged and sustainable community, visit our Sales & Information Centre, open daily from 12 – 5pm at 164 Flaxley Road, Mount Barker. 

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