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With their first child on the way and an English Staffy that loves to run, the lure of open natural spaces and larger blocks was a significant factor in Todd and Kylie’s decision to make a move to the Adelaide Hills and Newenham.

When primary school teacher Kylie and partner Todd, who runs a bricklaying business with five employees, thought about moving to the hills, they looked at many different estates.

“Newenham had a different ‘feel’ to it that we fell in love with. There were bigger blocks, houses that weren’t so close together, open natural spaces, and we liked how all the houses all looked unique and had their own personality but still obviously followed some kind of guidelines which gave it structure,” Kylie says.

Todd and Kylie weren’t fans of other new hills estates, particularly how the houses all looked the same and the feeling of being quite cramped; it was too much like living in the city.

“When we looked at Newenham, we really felt the ‘Hills lifestyle’ vibe we were hoping for, there was so much open space, and houses were on large blocks.”

Before moving into their home at Newenham, Todd and Kylie were living in Windsor Gardens where they had demolished a house, subdivided, and built two properties on it.

Now that they have made the move, the expecting couple are discovering the benefits of an Adelaide Hills lifestyle.

“We are enjoying the quieter lifestyle and also much less traffic. We don’t find that we need to go down to town much as everything we need is in the Hills,” Kylie explains.

And Newenham, in particular, ticks all their boxes.

“We love the open spaces, the abundance of trees, the views of hills, the larger blocks, quality houses, the newly opened linear park and walking trail to Mount Barker. The future retail centre was also a major drawcard, along with the Newenham Farm and market café. We’re really looking forward to it”

Todd and Kylie were also impressed with the natural reserves and walking spaces, the ‘country/farm’ style feel, and the fact that Newenham runs regular community events to meet and mingle with the neighbours.

Perhaps the appeal of a more rustic lifestyle at Newenham was the impetus for taking on the challenge of building their own dream home.

“Todd and I have built a couple of houses before,” Kylie says.

Because of this, and the fact that Todd is in the building industry, the couple felt that they had enough knowledge to try and build their own place from scratch.

“Our house in Newenham is an owner build. There was a lot of planning and preparation that we had to do ourselves, but we are really happy with our end product as we could pick and choose all of our own trades, fittings, and fixtures for a more high-quality finish.”

Opting to go with something a little out of the ordinary, the couple went with a modern, industrial-style home.

“Todd did all of the brickwork himself, and we love this look,” says Kylie.

They also have brick feature walls throughout their house and have chosen to use recycled material where they can.

“Our favourite features are the reclaimed bricks. We have a big feature wall in our living room as well as a wine room which also uses reclaimed bricks. We used an overall open-style living plan which works really well for us,” she explains.

And while the inside is designed to suit their taste and lifestyle, the large block is perfect not only for their dog to run but to be partly utilised to accommodate some of Todd’s work and weekend necessities.

“We have also sectioned off our large backyard so that Todd has enough room for his shed and trailer, but it doesn’t detract from the rest of the yard as it’s fenced off and out of sight from our entertaining area.”

Todd and Kylie’s Newenham journey has already begun with the couple having moved into their new house in November. And it seems they have wasted no time in getting to know the best local places to eat out.

“We love Sazón Espresso for breakfast, Howard’s Vineyard is a favourite lunch spot of mine, and the Lobethal Bakery, as well,” enthuses Kylie.

New home, a new lifestyle at Newenham, and a new baby on the way. For Todd and Kylie, a tree change is a fantastic way to begin a very exciting stage of their life.


If you’d like to know more about joining our community or securing a larger block for your family to grow at Newenham, simply call the Sales Team on 0429 107 497 or visit the Sales & Information Centre, open 7 days from 12 – 5pm.

We look forward to welcoming you to Newenham soon.

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