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On Wednesday, 12 April 2017, the Newenham team welcomed leaders from local businesses from Mount Barker and the Adelaide Hills to a behind-the-scenes look at the wide-open spaces and new approach to residential development on offer in the heart of Mount Barker, South Australia.

The festivities were catered by the lovely Henrietta Rollings and Dolce Classico, with both Spanish paella and Italian cannoli feeding the guests heartily. Newenham showed their respect and appreciation for local businesses by granting Henrietta – a local start-up catering business – and Dolce Classico – run by a fellow Newenham resident – the opportunity to showcase their tasty products on the evening.

While sipping on a glass of Prancing Pony Beer or Wicks Estate wine, also both local businesses in Mount Barker and Adelaide Hills, guests were provided with a snapshot of some of the key features of the development as they walked around the restored barn and garage. Some of the interesting points of difference that Burke Urban had on show included their Leaky Tree Wells, the future produce farm and market, and the amazing event space that will be for hire in due time.

And as the sun started to set, key members of the Burke Urban team spoke to the crowds gathered on the lawns outside the sales centre.

Damien Collins, new Burke Urban Group General Manager, welcomed guests to the event before introducing Managing Director, Kym Burke who spoke of how Newenham came to be and the people who assisted in getting it to the stage it’s at today.

Olivia Burke, Marketing & Sales Director, then highlighted how passionate the team were in making sure Newenham was a development unlike any other because it was designed with a focus on the wellbeing and nourishment of their residents. She explained that Newenham was more than just a series of streets, gutters, roundabouts and all the things that complete a suburb: it was a place to feel connected to the community and beautiful environment.

On top of this, she highlighted the key initiatives that were further explained in the styled garage: the Leaky Tree Wells would keep verges green and lush; the Linear Park track will provide connectivity into the heart of Mount Barker; the forthcoming retail centre is set to be a place for the Adelaide Hills residents to shop and connect; the plans for the proposed farm and market café are hoped to provide a sense of community for residents; and the front garden landscaping options have been designed to assist residents in creating an entrance to their homes that they are proud of.

James Sexton from Sexton Glover Watts – Newenham’s sales partner – and Mayor Ann Ferguson of the Mount Barker District Council also addressed everyone with their exciting hopes for Newenham and highlighted why Mount Barker and the surrounding region is such a prosperous and attractive opportunity for people to live and play.

And with that, Mayor Ferguson cut the ribbon and Newenham was open!


To find out how you can secure your future in the beautiful Newenham development, visit our Sales & Information Centre, open daily from 12 – 5pm at 164 Flaxley Road, Mount Barker or call our friendly sales team on 8210 7660. 

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