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Our Vision

We’re looking to create a quality community where our resident’s health and lifestyle are nurtured and nourished in equal measure.

The natural waterways, tree lines and gently undulating hills give this property an unmistakable character – not to mention postcard worthy snapshots of some of the most beautiful land in all of Mount Barker.

As we look to the future, we seek to enhance Newenham’s legacy by establishing a balance between the natural and man-made to create a community sensitive to its environment and, in many ways, shaped by it.

This attitude has inspired new, innovative ideas for Newenham, ones that incorporate agriculture, business opportunities and health and wellbeing. We believe these have the potential to sustain and grow the Newenham community, providing an engaging community and a breeding ground for entrepreneurialism.

The homes themselves are just as important to the Newenham vision. With a focus on quality, diverse architecture that embodies a natural aesthetic, we strive to see streetscapes that are timelessly individual and beautifully in tune with their surroundings. Our commitment to embracing the great outdoors is also reflected by the larger allotments of land that Newenham homes will enjoy.

We believe it takes an innovative and collaborative team of many disciplines to design and develop a new village. Together, we’re putting in the framework for an engaged, active and sustainable community that not only features quality homes, but also provides business opportunities such as the proposed community farm, wellness centre and a B&B overlooking the century-old pear orchard.

We can proudly say that every element of Newenham has been thoughtfully considered in the hope it supports the health, happiness and wellbeing of its community, whilst sitting respectfully within the beautiful natural environment. By doing this, we strive to create a new benchmark for living in the Adelaide Hills.

We invite you to share our vision for a flourishing community that will continue to grow, and evolve and develop a spirit, unique to Newenham.

Community Farm

Agriculture has played an important part in the history of the Mount Barker region, and we’re embracing that philosophy when shaping Newenham’s bright future.

We have allocated up to 8 hectares of land to the development of the Newenham farm. This initiative will help grow and support the community and even open the door for Newenham to contribute to Adelaide Hills’ ever-growing food culture.

The land will be used for many different farming and cultivation related practices, from community gardens and nurseries to education programs and natural playgrounds. The potential is endless; all it takes is an inspired community and a touch of creativity. There is even an opportunity for local businesses to evolve, such as a market café or restaurant that can share the locally grown produce with residents and visitors.

Of course, living in Newenham isn’t just for the agriculturally minded. Farming activities will be completely optional and will be conducted to complement residential living, so those who are keen can get involved whilst others won’t be impacted at all.

We believe this farm precinct will shape Newenham’s culture and become a great source of pride for everyone in the community.

Beautiful Design with Natural Flair

From houses and streetscapes to public spaces, we’ve taken inspiration from the character of the Adelaide Hills to create a timeless, contemporary Australian design unique to Newenham.

We’ll have a range of Newenham home designs to choose from or you are welcome to design and build your dream home with the builder of your choice. Whatever you decide, we have processes in place and friendly people to encourage and help you achieve your goals.

Our thoughtful and intelligent design will give Newenham a natural, effortless beauty that will influence your long-term enjoyment and nurture the wellbeing of everyone who chooses to call it home.

Nature on your doorstep

In our opinion, access to wide open spaces is vital for wellbeing as it encourages an active lifestyle and is beneficial to our health and happiness.

When we were designing Newenham, we wanted to allow for plenty of natural open space so residents could feel a sense of freedom and connection to the great outdoors.

Luckily, we had a very impressive starting point: the magnificent Western Flat Creek. This lovely centrepiece flows through the heart of Newenham providing a beautiful stretch of nature for all to enjoy.

To give it the breathing space it deserves, we will deliver a native vegetation corridor for flora and fauna within the creek’s natural contours and accompany this with wetlands, boardwalks, open reserves, gardens and interesting playgrounds – all landscaped to complement Newenham’s character, encourage sustainability and enhance our residents’ health and wellbeing.

We’re also keeping 98% of the existing trees and will be planting many more to enhance the sense of wellbeing you will feel as you wander through Newenham.

Newenham’s sensitivity to the great outdoors will help create a natural connection within the community and opens up plenty of opportunities for neighbour relationships to form and grow.

Plenty of room for an active lifestyle

To further encourage a healthy and active lifestyle, we have designed a network of tranquil park trails to connect residents to around nine hectares of sports and recreation reserves within Newenham before connecting to existing paths to guide you into the town centre of Mount Barker and beyond.

When designing our public spaces, we’ve been thoughtful in seeking to achieve a friendly, sustainable and balanced environment, to give you and your family plenty of space to roam and enjoy. There will be kids’ play areas that foster creativity and imagination, animal play spaces as well as a whole network of walking trails and bike paths, all beautifully illustrating our attention to detail and commitment to community.

School and Sporting Grounds

Imagine waving goodbye to the kids as they walk or pedal safely off to school on the linear park trail, right at your doorstep…

In 2021, that could be a reality as Kings Baptist Grammar School is planning to build a second campus, right here at Newenham.

Community Involvement

At Newenham we hope to encourage a culture of community spirit and pride from day one. We're designing a community centre which will be a buzzing hub of activity including workshops, events and hopefully even produce and artisan markets.

Newenham will be a place for a flourishing and diverse community which focuses on health, happiness and wellbeing.

The Newenham Story

The historic homestead, perched on the end of Newenham Road, has connections with some of South Australia’s most prominent and respected citizens such as Lieutenant Colonel John Morphett Irwin, who purchased the property in 1933. He named it after his ancestor and former Sheriff of South Australia, Charles Burton Newenham.

Lieutenant Colonel Irwin transformed an original cottage into a charming country homestead and converted the land into one of South Australia’s most important scientifically managed farms. His wife was also a passionate gardener, and side-by-side they enhanced the site’s beauty and strengthened its connection with nature.

It’s a privilege to be a part of the next chapter in Newenham’s story – but it’s also a responsibility. Its existing natural features include native and European trees, a century-old pear orchard, the Newenham Homestead, barn and farmland, and the Western Flat Creek that forms a stunning visual artery through the middle of the land. These magnificent assets will be preserved and remain a cherished part of the future landscape.

Newenham sits peacefully on the western edge of Flaxley Road, just two kilometres from the township of Mount Barker. Whilst the location hasn’t changed since Lieutenant Colonel Irwin’s day, the offerings of the region certainly have – schools, shopping centres and a hospital are just some of the community amenities within easy reach.

Newenham’s natural beauty is reflective of the wider Adelaide Hills region known for its stunning seasonal landscapes. The region is also renowned for magnificent food and wine, art and heritage, flora and fauna, and its vibrant market and festival culture.

As we look to the future, we seek to enhance Newenham’s legacy by establishing a community driven and dynamic environment that will enrich our resident’s health, happiness and wellbeing now and into the future.