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We’re proud to see another Newenham family realise their dreams, building their forever home in the picturesque Adelaide Hills. Footy lovers Danielle, Tamara and their daughter Tkiah are set to move into their new home next year, and couldn’t be more excited about the great outdoors, the Newenham community and maybe even growing their family.

Watch our video where Tamara and Danielle talk with Olivia Burke, Marketing & Sales Director at Newenham, about their journey so far.

Owning a ‘forever home’ is something we all dream of, especially when you have a family. Having somewhere the kids will remember and love; somewhere you can settle and make your own – it’s the dream we all aspire to and want for ourselves. But as Danielle and Tamara found, having that perfect balance of suburbia, nature and proximity to life’s conveniences – all while being affordable – is difficult to come across.

“We had talked about it – we wanted a family home … our forever home,” Tamara says. They had been looking in Happy Valley, but found the blocks either very sloped or too small, and had also searched blocks around Meadows, with no luck there either – “it is quite isolated out there and there’s not a lot around.”

After months of searching, the pair came across a Newenham photo on social media and were drawn to the leafy greenery. With just one visit to the site to speak with the team, they were hooked. “What we found with Newenham was that you have that real hills feel but without being too far away from all your amenities. Mount Barker offers so much more – nothing is far away, and it’s only 25 minutes to Adelaide.” Tamara says.

They say it is the unique attitude, passion and ethos at Newenham which has lead them to purchase their block and build their forever home here, confident this was the ideal environment for their family to thrive. “Ben, the sales consultant, talked so much about Newenham’s background and the vision for the future and that really drew us in – it wasn’t just an estate where they were making money – there was a lot more to it than that,” Tamara says.

From the initial enquiry to purchase, design and now approval, Tamara and Danielle say the Newenham team have been with them every step of the way. “Ben is so welcoming; every time we go up there we feel at home,” Danielle says. “Olivia [Burke – the Marketing and Sales Director] and Ben have so much knowledge and passion – they really believe in what they have to offer. For Olivia to get married up there is so incredible – she’s really put her whole passion and soul into this.”

On a visit shortly after they purchased their block, Danielle and Tamara were taken on a personal ute ride to their property (which they could not get to at the time due to construction), by Development Manager, John Bannister. “He told us what and where everything was, and he was so passionate about the trees – his knowledge and passion really brought us in,” Danielle says. “They’ve always made us feel part of the process. It’s not about us and them, it’s about one whole big community.”

Tamara says it’s this community she’s really looking forward to being a part of. “We’re really excited about raising our family at Newenham, having that real local community feel, and knowing our neighbours,” she says. The couple are even planning to grow their family once they’ve moved into their home – something they’ve thought to do for a long time, but needed the right home and environment. “We’d love to expand our family, so we’re looking at doing IVF next year once we’ve moved in,” Tamara says.

Having already met a number of parents and children at Newenham events, Tamara and Danielle are looking forward to being a part of the family-friendly environment here. And it’s not just about the kids; the support from fellow parents an enormous draw-card for the couple. “There’s actually another same-sex couple I met at the launch, and they’ve already been through IVF,” Tamara says. “I got to talk to them about how their experience was and that we’re looking at doing that next year so it was great to build those kind of relationships. To have that support is amazing, and they’re going to be living just down the road from us!”

But it’s not just the community that appeals to the couple, the wide open spaces, bike trails and sporting ovals are the perfect match for this sport-loving family. Danielle is a talented footballer who was the No.2 draft pick for Melbourne Football Club in the 2015 AFL Women’s League exhibition match and played in the SANFL Women’s inaugural games earlier this year. Danielle and Tamara are excited to get involved in the local sporting community and make the most of the nearby parks and ovals to have a kick. Tamara is also a crossfit and personal trainer, and says she would even love to initiate her own Newenham boot camp program on-site in the future, to engage and exercise the whole community – an ideal fit for the Newenham grounds, ethos and lifestyle.

On top of their sporting skills, they’ve also recently taken up bike riding, making the Newenham shared bike and walk path an exciting addition for the pair. “We really love the shared path – we’ve actually done it already,” Danielle says. “We got our bikes and road into town from Newenham and back again to see what it felt like – we enjoyed the scenery and seeing the kid’s playgrounds and everything – we’re really excited about having close access to that.”

The family can’t wait to embrace the Newenham lifestyle, eagerly awaiting the community garden and market café to come. “Danielle and I are both newly vegan, so we’re really looking forward to seeing the development of the Newenham shopping precinct and market cafe – being able to get fresh produce will be brilliant, and having the community garden will be great too. With the space on our block, we’d love to grow our own veggies in our backyard too,” Tamara says.

With a larger allotment than they could have hoped for in other developments, Tamara and Danielle hope to be able to embrace their daughter’s love of animals with their move too. “We’ve got two bunny rabbits who we want to live in our new backyard, and we would like to get a family dog when we move in too,” Danielle says. “We’re also looking forward to feeding the ducks – we have already started when we go for site visits!” she laughs.

They’ve already begun to explore the local community too, hooked on some of the nearby cafes and eateries. “We go to Brother Bear [café/eatery] a lot already because they are really good with their vegan menu, and Sazón who make great coffee,” Tamara says. “I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the wineries up here as well. Being so close to your amenities [there’s child care centres, schools, markets, cafes] and not really having to leave our community is great.”

While their home design and selections are still in approval processes, they’re thrilled with the support and guidance they’ve received from the Newenham team. “We have worked together with Newenham to make sure our Kookaburra home fits in with the guidelines of the Hills feel they’re going for – it’s a custom design so it’s not like what anyone else has, but they’ve been really excited about it, which has been great,” Danielle says.

With reclaimed bricks, thick merbau posts and a gabled roof, it’s very much a Hills family home, but with all the modern trimmings. They’ve also catered for their lifestyle with a beautiful fireplace, an in-built dog kennel in the laundry, and a kids retreat for their growing family. Large windows above glass folding doors to their large alfresco area let in lovely natural light and make for an economical build, in tune with Newenham’s philosophy. Plus a sloped bike path (for bike storage) to the side of the home fits with their new outdoors Hills lifestyle. “We’re outdoorsy people!” Tamara says. “We just can’t wait to move in.”

If you’d like to know more about joining our engaged community and securing your future at Newenham, simply call our Sales Consultant, Ben Walker on 0429 107 497 or visit the Sales & Information Centre, open 7 days from 12 – 5pm at 164 Flaxley Road, Mount Barker.

We look forward to welcoming you to Newenham soon.


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