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There is something about being out in nature that helps us reconnect – allowing you the room to be yourself.

That is why we have worked hard to create dedicated spaces for our residents to harmoniously interact with the beautiful natural landscape at Newenham.

We are dedicated to preserving the history of this beautiful land by establishing and maintaining a balance between the natural and man-made, resulting in a community that is sensitive to and shaped by its environment.

We believe that access to wide open spaces is one of the key factors in a balanced, healthy lifestyle – something that is at the cornerstone of Newenham’s design.

Luckily we have the stunning Western Flat Creek as our impressive starting point. Running through the heart of the property, this beautiful natural centrepiece will be supported by wetlands, boardwalks, open reserves and natural playgrounds.

We’ve worked hard to achieve a friendly, sustainable and balanced environment, including dedicating nine hectares of recreation reserves for the whole community to enjoy.

When it comes to your home, Newenham offer a wide range of generous allotments to suit families of all sizes.

So what does that mean for our buyers? With more open space and larger block sizes, we’ve designed Newenham so you have room to be yourself.


To find out how you can secure your future in Newenham, please call our friendly sales team on 8210 7660 or email us at

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