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Map Legend +

Map Legend

  • Exisiting trees
  • Future trees
  • Linear Park and Reserves
  • Community / Service Precincts
  • Future Development
  • Natural Exisiting Creek
  • Future Wetland
  • Walking and Bike Path
  • Stage One
  • Botanic Release
  • Design Village
  • Existing Historic Buildings


When we were designing Newenham, we wanted to allow for plenty of natural open space for you and your family to roam and explore.

From our larger allotments and our focus on open spaces and active lifestyles to the community farm and proposed market café, we’ve found all sorts of ways to make living in Newenham something truly special.

We invite you to explore our masterplan and the range of allotments available to find the perfect block to suit your needs.

Key Features

  • Proposed School 1
  • Future Sports & Recreation 2
  • Proposed Community Centre 3
  • Proposed Community Farm 4-7
  • Community Creek 8
  • Future Design Village 9
  • Newenham Sales Center 10
  • Newenham Homestead 11
  • Historic Cottage 12
  • Historic Barn 13

Our personal design service

Our personalised service is a significant point of difference from many other development projects and it helps us better understand your idea of a dream home.

The design framework we’ve put in place allows you to be bold – to inject your own personality and style into your living environment.

Land for Sale

At Newenham we have designed a range of allotments to suit every need.

To contact our friendly sales team please call 8210 7660 or email us on