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Beautiful design with natural flair

When designing a new development, we understand the importance of creating an authentic sense of place. This idea of ‘place’ will always be interpreted personally, but for us it’s about what makes our residents feel at home.

From houses and streetscapes to public spaces, we’ve taken inspiration from the character of the Adelaide Hills and Mt Lofty Ranges to create a timeless, contemporary Australian design unique to Newenham.

For potential residents like you, it means having the benefit of a strong design team to work with. We know that individuality in home and garden comes from creative freedom, and that’s something we endeavour to provide to every resident.

Our personalised design service is a significant point of difference and it helps us better understand your idea of a dream home. The design framework we’ve put in place allows you to be bold and to inject your own personality and style into your living environment.

We’ll have a range of inspiring Newenham home designs to choose from. On the other hand, if you wish to custom design and build your dream home, we have processes in place and friendly people to encourage and help you achieve these goals.

When it comes to the design of public spaces, we’ve worked hard to achieve a friendly, sustainable and balanced environment, to give you and your family plenty of space to roam and enjoy. From kids’ play areas that foster creativity and imagination to verge treatments that convey a gentle softness, we’re taking everything into consideration. Public art, lighting, fencing, seating, signage, animal play spaces, drinking stations, rubbish disposal, walking trails and bike paths all beautifully illustrate our attention to detail and commitment to community.

All in all, our thoughtful and intelligent design will give Newenham a natural, effortless beauty that will influence long-term liveability, support capital growth and enrich the health, happiness and wellbeing of the entire community.

Designed for wellbeing

The broader master plan for Newenham has been designed for wellbeing in every sense of the word.

Our desire is to see this vision reflected in your house design to ensure that the investment you make gives you the best opportunity to create a living environment that reflects your personality and style.

We believe that the beauty and financial value of a home goes well beyond its architecture. The building’s relationship with the environment and its neighbours can make an important difference too. This can include gardens, fencing and driveways, all of which have been taken into consideration in our design philosophy.

By each home displaying a high level of architectural interest while being sympathetic to the surrounding environment, we believe an interesting and vibrant community, bursting with life, will be born.

We don’t want to be ‘just another residential development’. We want to create a place which will grow in character so that it can enrich the health, happiness and wellbeing of everyone who calls it home.

Our Personalised Design Team

An exciting initiative which we believe will help to set us apart is our Design Team who are focussed on sustainability and designing for health and wellbeing. The mission of this team is to become your design partner to promote high quality design that meets the vision for Newenham and importantly to educate, guide and assist you through the challenges of building a new home.

From the outset a member of the Team can work with you and your architect or builder to provide advice on how to optimise the site’s opportunities and to assist in understanding and implementing the Design Guidelines. Our Design Manager can help you to achieve a streamlined development approval process by assisting you to achieve a quality design that meets the requirements of the Design Guidelines prior to the submission of your development application.

To contact our Design Manager please call 0408 050 339 or send an email to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch soon.

Alternatively our Design Manager will be at Newenham every Wednesday between 1 – 5pm, so feel free to pop in and have a chat.

Our Design Guildelines

Our guidelines have been prepared to assist you and your architect in developing both construction and landscaping designs which are consistent with the desired character, aesthetics and sustainable urban design principles of Newenham.

The Newenham Design Guidelines provide a balance between allowing an individual to show personal design expression, innovation and creativity, whilst ensuring there are enough overarching design parameters to guide a quality design outcome for the whole community.

To receive a copy of our Design Guidelines, please contact us and a member of our Team will be in touch shortly.
Phone: 0408 050 339

Find Your Perfect Place at Newenham

At Newenham our open space philosophy is reflected in the larger allotment sizes our residents will enjoy – an average of 730 sqm.

The way we’ve designed Newenham means you’ll always be close to one of the many parks or reserves dotted throughout the precinct. You will easily be able to access the shared bike and walking trail that will follow the natural contours of the magnificent Western Flat Creek and lead you into the vibrant heart of Mount Barker.

We encourage you to take advantage of the gentle undulations on the property to design your dream home to make the most of the natural Adelaide Hills topography available throughout Newenham.